jCUDA 1.1 released

jCUDA version 1.1 is released to the public. This version adds many improvments to the previous 1.0.1 release.


  • – Adding object oriented support for CUDA, OpenGL and CUFFT functionality
  • – Splitting FFT and CUDA native libraries to operate as standalone
  • – Extending native interface to provide more functionality (NativeUtiles.getPointerSize method)

You may download the new release from: jCUDA.

One Reply to “jCUDA 1.1 released”

  1. Thanks for that work.

    First, the jcuda.jar is not working with jdk 1.5.

    And I got a problem to load a module into CUDA.
    By using the method CUDA.loadModule I got an error 301 (image not found). I give the absolute path as you did in your example.
    By using the method CUDA.cuModuleLoadData I got an error 200 (invalid image). I pass the byte array of the cubin file.

    Cordially yours,

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