Company Profile

CASS (stands for Company for Advanced Supercomputing Solutions Ltd) is a privately owned SME/SMB founded in Israel (2008), to provide pioneer, cutting-edge, HPC solutions for global markets based on advanced CPU/GPU architectures.

In the early days, CASS developed libraries for CUDA, OpenCL and CAL to support GPU programming in .NET, Java and FORTRAN, providing developers with better API for ease of access to computing resources and faster development processes. The libraries were supported under Windows, Linux, MacOSX and Solaris.

Using the libraries, developers were able to create and design cross-platform GPU solutions, to seamlessly switch between Windows and Linux and with the introduction of OpenCL, allow heterogeneous computing schemes that utilize GPU and CPU resources.

In addition, numerous applications and solutions were developed as accelerated platforms for: Seismic processing, medical imaging, finance and image processing for civilian/defense markets. Video acceleration was added as of 2009, to provide faster than real-time decoding for post-processing and visualization and encoding of video streams supporting MPEG-2, VC-1 and H.264.

Hoopoe™, the flagship development of our company, was the basis behind forming CASS. It is a real-time cloud distribution engine and infrastructure for general processing requirements, supporting OpenCL, CUDA and multimedia processing tasks as well on top of heterogeneous computing resources, CPU and GPU. This way efficient processing environments are achieved to reduce computing and warehouse maintenance costs.

Hoopoe™ is a fully-fledged cloud infrastructure, offering standard web-service interface for computing and added-value tasks, storage accessibility and fully interoperable with other cloud providers, such as: Amazon AWS etc.

Recently, the company expanded its solution offering to embedded segments, offering HPeC (High-Performance embedded Computing) platforms for real-time visualization and computing needs in low-power, low-cost, form factors. Some of the key products include sensor signal/image processor based on x86, ARM and GPU architectures with TDP ranging from 5 to 18 Watts, delivering superior performance (over 200 GFLOPS).

Today, CASS provides its solutions to defense industries worldwide, mostly for the local market and medical imaging integrators in the field of CT, MRI and ultrasound. Vendor coverage includes deep interaction with NVIDIA and AMD for GPU computing and Intel for CPU.

The staff comprises a group of highly skilled personnel covering a wide range of solutions, from hardware (CPU, FPGA, DSP, GPU and interconnects) to software (OS, Frameworks, HPC and Graphics) in order to build cost-effective and efficient systems, from embedded to cluster scale, both for price and power consumption, creating a green environment.