OpenCL.NET is a .NET library, providing full API bindings for the OpenCL™ standard.
As such, it is possible to develop true cross-platform, cross-vendor, GPGPU solutions supporting multiple operating systems and hardware vendors.

OpenCL™ is an open standard, providing unified access interface to compute resources such as: GPU, CPU, APU (Fusion) and FPGA devices across multiple operating systems and vendors.
The OpenCL™ API is developed by leading technology companies around the world and hosted by the Khronos Group.
More information on OpenCL™ is available in the following link: OpenCL™.

Using GPU acceleration and OpenCL.NET, it is possible to achieve great performance in .NET based applications, offloading CPU computations to the GPU (and potentially more computing peripherals) – a dedicated and standardized hardware.
Real-time performance has never been so easy, even in .NET applications, as the GPU can process massive amounts of data at a fraction of a second.

Ensure cross-platform and cross-vendor compatibility as OpenCL™ is supported by major vendors in the world, including Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, TI and more, so switching between vendors is always possible.
Enjoy the advantage of OpenCL.NET for cross-platform solution – once the application is ready, it can be used under Windows, Linux, MacOSX in 32 or 64 bit editions, supporting further OpenCL™ compliant environments, transparently.


OpenCL.NET is provided free of charge, for private, academic, research or commercial use.
The library is provided as is, without warranty or support of any kind.

For support or development services:


Checkout OpenCL.NET archive page.


  • Full OpenCL™ 1.2 API interface
  • Object oriented model for OpenCL™ programming
  • Graphics Interoperability:
    • OpenGL™
    • Microsoft® DirectX® (D3D) 9
    • Microsoft® DirectX® (D3D) 10

Operating System Support

  • Microsoft® Windows®
  • Linux (using Mono)
  • MacOSX (using Mono)

Requirements: .NET Framework 2.0 or newer.