Welcome to CASS, a leading provider of HPC, HPeC (embedded HPC) and GPU Computing (GPGPU) solutions since 2008, sharing a background with over 15 years of expertise in HPC for computing and graphics.

CASS is the pioneer of GPU Computing (GPGPU) in Israel and works with many international companies worldwide.

Among the services and solutions we provide are: complete HPC/GPGPU software development, full hardware configurations and more, using latest technologies.
We manage to deliver cutting-edge, beyond state-of-the-art solutions for a wide range of needs.

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Main Market Segments

  • Defense
  • Cloud Computing / Big-Data
  • Visualization
  • Geophysics
  • Finance
  • Medical imaging
  • And more…

Solutions & Services Portfolio

Our portfolio was created to address a wide range of needs, developing small (embedded) scale to cluster scale systems.



Offering certified, fully preconfigured systems, highly flexible, loaded with all necessary hardware and software components to power a working HPC/GPGPU system.

Project Management

Project management services are offered to assist decision makers, technology officers (CTO) and managers in different stages of HPC projects until a successful completion.

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