The State of Israel offers the following programs for joint R&D projects:
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There are other funding schemes available as signed jointly with the State of Israel. More information can be found on the website of Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor or the Chief Scientist of Israel

Research and Development (R&D) Areas of Interest

  • HPC – High Performance Computing (Supercomputing)
    • Distributed computing and systems
    • Distributed file-systems and storage
    • Cloud computing infrastructures and services
    • Real-time infrastructures (communication, message/event passing, DB)
    • Interconnects – High Bandwidth / High Throughput, Fiber-optics, Infiniband
    • Vector and parallel processing applications and paradigms
  • HPeC – High Performance embedded Computing
    • Real-time processing in embedded environments
    • Low-power systems
    • ARM / x86 architectures
    • Vector and parallel processing
    • High speed interconnects, for sensors and other peripherals (LVDS, PCI-Express Gen 2.0, 3.0 etc.)
  • GPU Computing (Platforms, CUDA and OpenCL)
  • Graphics / Visualization
    • High-end visualizations (Using DirectX, OpenGL or custom frameworks)
    • Simulations
    • Remote graphics and rendering
    • Ray tracing
    • Distributed rendering, multi-device (GPU) / cluster scale
    • High resolution, multi-screen display and rendering
  • Domain specific algorithms and infrastructures
    • Image processing
    • Video processing (decoding, encoding, enhancement)
    • Machine learning systems, data classification, text mining
    • Medical Imaging (MRI, CT, Ultrasound, biological research and more)
    • Audio & Voice processing
    • Digital Signal Processors for sensors
    • Financial data analysis
    • Seismic processing