GPUnit™ (GPU Unit Testing) is an automated testing utility for OpenCL™ and NVIDIA® CUDA® software developers. It was designed to provide an automated quality & verification tool in complex environments for GPU and computing processes (kernels), similarly to available tools for .NET and Java programmers (NUnit and JUnit respectively).


Testing is an important process in software development cycles. However, very few tools exist for HPC/GPGPU environments, taking into account the complexities in development of distributed applications.

During development of crucial components, one may change the behaviour of some kernels, without knowning the implications on further elements of the system, or even for long running instances of the same application.

These critical points can be verified by introducing testing methodologies into accelerated software development cycles, as is common in commerical applications.

Using GPUnit™, developers can create test cases for kernel verification and use automated tools for reporting testing results, upon success or failure.


  • Support OpenCL™ Kernels Verification
  • Support NVIDIA® CUDA® Kernels Verification
  • Multiple Verification Criterions
  • Output Log and Results for Automated Verification
  • Possible Integration as a Library for Managed Environments
  • Operating System Support:
    • Microsoft® Windows®
    • Linux
    • MacOSX

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