Embedded GPGPU Platforms



Advantech AIMB-C600

Delivering true embedded GPGPU (GPU Computing) solutions to match variety of industrial needs.

As professionals who develop GPGPU/HPC software for decades, we are quite familiar with the complexities of building the right platform to fit a solution or specific project needs.
Therefore, the solutions below were chosen carefully to deliver best performance at unmatched costs targeting embedded applications.
Systems are provided fully configured: hardware components, operating system and drivers.

Why We Are Different?

The solutions we provide follow a deep understanding of HPC & GPGPU nature, from every aspect.
Most vendors, in contrast, provide only hardware or software solutions with limited support for the other. However, the key success in HPC/GPGPU is to make the right choices for hardware and software combination.
Throughout the years, we managed to deliver cutting-edge working solutions where all other vendors failed.

Guidance & Consulting

The market offers many solutions, varying performance, cost, power consumption and form factors.

Not sure which hardware system can fit your needs?
Contact us to receive guidance and consulting: support@cass-hpc.com.

Target Applications

  • Defense – Ground, Naval or Airborne Systems
  • Medical Imaging
  • Digital Signage
  • Homeland Security / Surveillance
  • Multi-Display & Rich Visualization
  • Video Processing (Decoding, Encoding: MPEG-2, MPEG-4, VC-1, H.264/H.265 etc.)
  • Image/Signal Processing
  • Geophysical Instrument Data Processor
  • Development Platform for Embedded Solutions

HPC/GPGPU Compatibility

  • GPU Frameworks: NVIDIA® CUDA®, OpenCL™
  • Multi-Core & Vector Processing: SSE/AVX, OpenMP™, MPI
  • True 32/64-bit Computing

Main Benefits

Low Power Consumption, capable of maintaining a total TDP starting at a minimum of 4.5 Watts up to 150 Watts per full system, equipped with dual or triple GPUs, delivering peak performance of ~2 TFLOPS (2,000 GFLOPS) single precision.

Flexible Hardware Configurations, maintaining a custom orientation with pricing of COTS systems to fit most industrial needs. Customers can integrate additional hardware devices to extend functionality: frame grabbers, FPGA/DSP cards with proprietary functions etc.

Industry Leading Vendors, such as: Intel®/AMD/NVIDIA®, to provide with highest quality products possible and commercial support.

Longevity, 5-7 years support and availability of components.

Highest Computing Density & Memory Capacity, addressing most demanding and intensive applications.

Heterogeneous Computing Platforms (Fusion, APU) combined with discrete GPU where necessary. Fusion processors are perfect for data intensive applications (image/video processing etc.) as they share unified memory space and eliminate data transfers over slower buses (like PCIe).

Latest Technologies, supporting advanced virtualization, 64-bit computing, vector processing (SSE/AVX), multi-display, OpenGL 4.2 & DirectX 11 graphics, OpenCL™ 1.2 and NVIDIA® CUDA® 5. These systems were meant for most sophisticated tasks, delivering unmatched computing performance and memory throughput (bandwidth) to outperform any existing DSP/FPGA solutions.

Fast Storage, using SSD and smart storage configurations to achieve extremely high throughput (up to 2 GB/s) for sequential read/write of massive amounts of data. Great for archiving needs and raw video input. Using standardized hardware components.

Shipping & Handling

Shipping is available to worldwide locations under U.S. regulations.

More Information

For more information, hardware consulting or receive a quote: support@cass-hpc.com.

Hardware Configuration Options

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