World Cloud Computing Summit 2009

The 2nd annual cloud computing summit is about to take place in Shfayim, Israel, between December 2-3, 2009.

Following last year success, the event will cover recent developments and progress in cloud technologies. Presenting with top-of-the-line companies active in this field, including (partial list): Amazon, Google, eBay, IBM, HP, Sun, RedHat and more.

Additional “hands-on” labs and workshops are offered during the event for participants that would like to learn more about cloud technologies and integration possibilities.

We are also presenting Hoopoe at the summit, for GPU Cloud Computing, and providing a workshop on GPU Computing in general and Hoopoe as well.

This event ends 2009 and symbolically the last decade, marking cloud computing as a major development that we are about to see more and more in the next years.

You are invited to join us during the event.

jCUDA 1.1 released

jCUDA version 1.1 is released to the public. This version adds many improvments to the previous 1.0.1 release.


  • – Adding object oriented support for CUDA, OpenGL and CUFFT functionality
  • – Splitting FFT and CUDA native libraries to operate as standalone
  • – Extending native interface to provide more functionality (NativeUtiles.getPointerSize method)

You may download the new release from: jCUDA.

jCUDA 1.0.1 released

We are pleased to annouce the availability of jCUDA version 1.0.1 for the public.

New in this version:

  • Support for Windows operatin system (XP/Vista) in 32/64 bit
  • Fixing issues with native layer

You may download it from: jCUDA.