CUDA.NET – Case studies, call for contribution

We are pleased to announce a call for contribution for case studies and customer stories using CUDA.NET to be presented in our web site.

We invite organizations, research institutes and privates to tell us about about their use of CUDA.NET for different purposes – developing a product, researching variety of scientific fields and more.

Users willing to contribute their story are invited to send their details to the following address: and we will contact them soon.

Thank you for your cooperation.

One Reply to “CUDA.NET – Case studies, call for contribution”

  1. Hello,

    I’m looking for information about running CUDA.NET-based projects in
    emulation mode (I mean the situation when the host PC doesn’t have
    CUDA-compatible video adapter).
    Google say nothing about that.

    I want to try implement Harris interest point (image processing
    algorithm) detector on CUDA.

    Could you tell me how I could run CUDA.NET-based projects in emulation mode ?

    Thank you,
    Petrov Alexander

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