We are happy to announce the availability of NVIDIA® CARMA® platforms, providing an ARM based system (Tegra® 3) cooperating with an internal and a discrete GPU (NVIDIA® Quadro® 1000M utilizing 96 cores).

NVIDIA® CARMA® aims to provide an energy-effecient HPC solution, targeting low-power, small form factor environments.
Software support is provided for CUDA® 5, with FFT, BLAS, image processing, accelerated video decoding/encoding (H.264, H.265, VC-1, MPEG-2 etc.) and much more.

Both Linux, Android and Windows® 8 operating systems are supported.

Hardware platforms are available in ruggedized form factor as well for outdoor, defense or military purposes.

This opens new opportunities for embedded like GPGPU solutions, for digital signage, medical imaging and other handheld/mobile usage.
For more information: support@cass-hpc.com.