CIGPU 2010 – Computational Intelligence Session

A special event is about to take place between 18-23 July, 2010 in Barcelona, Spain.

The session on Computational Intelligence on Consumer Games and Graphics Hardware (CIGPU 2010) will be part of IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence Conference 2010 (WCCI-2010).

Building on the success of previous CIGPU sessions and workshops, CIGPU 2010 will further explore the role that GPU technologies can play in computational intelligence (CI) research.  Submissions of original research are invited on the use of parallel graphics hardware for computational intelligence.  Work might involve exploring new techniques for exploiting the hardware, new algorithms to implement on the hardware, new applications for accelerated CI, new ways of making the technology available to CI researchers or the utilisation of the next generation of technologies.

“Anyone who has implemented computational intelligence techniques using any parallel graphics hardware will want to submit to this special session.”

Thanks to Dr. Simon Harding, Memorial University, Canada, for sharing this information with us.
In addition, the session will discuss using CUDA.NET for running related simulations on the GPU.

For more information: CIGPU 2010 Submissions